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Personal Assistance

The services I offer branch out much further than just helping to improve your IT skills. I seek to support and bring joy to each individual I work with. Taking the burden of everyday life away with a friendly face, reducing stress with my supportive nature. Enhance your own life or that of a loved one. Ideal for an older, vulnerable or busy clientele. 

- Let me take care of the boring stuff so you can spend more time doing what you love.

- Helping with all areas of life, socially, practically & technologically

- Reducing stress by assisting with those irritating chores that hang over us: writing letters, making calls, seeking activities

- Motivating & supporting you to tackle your to do list

- Assistance to build on your computer skills enabling you to access those pictures, emails. or do some shopping online.

-Efficient use of technology to save you both time and money

-Reducing anxiety by liaising and understanding issues on your behalf

- Confidence building with my kind and patient nature

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